What is happening with Travis Graham

Former Ajax Cape Town captain Travis Graham is still in limbo at the club and looks set to see out the rest of the season training with the MDC squad.

The AjaxCTfans noticed that something was not right before the club announced this news as Travis Graham was unfriending us on Facebook and we were not sure why he was doing it.

This is very sad as he would have made a valuable contribution to the first team if he was available for selection as the Urban Warriors struggled most of the season in the the relegation zone. The club has made it clear that this was Travis choice not to be available for the first team.

The club revealed at the start of the season that Travis had a contact dispute and was not interested in signing a new deal, and was therefore frozen out and not included in then-coach Stanley Menzo’s plans for the campaign.

Having entered the last six months of his contract, would it not make sense to let Travis go with a mutual contract termination. This would allow Travis to move on and play for another club.

Ari Efstathiou has made mention that the former skipper’s situation has not changed in recent months and there has been no offers made for Travis by other clubs.

Travis we the AjaxCTfans are concerned that you have not played first team football in the last 9 months and wish you all the best for the future. Even if you know longer wearing the famous red and white.

Will we ever find out what really transpired at Ikamva, only time will tell.


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