Why didn’t Ajax know of injury?

Explain this to me: how did Ajax Cape Town not know Rivaldo Coetzee was injured?

I know he came off at Cape Town Stadium against Golden Arrows after scoring the equalising goal on the opening weekend of the season..

When journalists asked  Stanley Menzo before the game if Rivaldo was in the starting line-up, despite all his antics during pre-season, meant the player was focused on the Urban Warriors?

The Dutchman said “we will see” and I guess Rivaldo showed us with a good performance and a great goal.

In case you didn’t know, Rivaldo missed three weeks of pre-season as he tried to force a move away from Ajax.

There’s a rumour he drove past the training ground hooting at his brasse while he was playing hookie. I don’t know if it’s true, but if it is, it’s dik funny.

Anyways the house mother of the Ajax digs where he stays came home and rukked him reg according to rumours and when CEO Ari Efstathiou returned, Rivaldo met with him.

He apologised in a video and all seemed well.

Then the move to Celtic in Scotland materialised and I thought great for him, he’s done it the right way.

It was to be one of the biggest transfers in Ajax’s history.

Celtic boss Brendan Rodgers was quoted as saying: “He’s an outstanding young player that we think can help us.” GREAT!

But then his move to Parkhead fell through.

A problem with his right foot, that’s the reason the 20-year-old is closer to Grassy Park than Glasgow right now.

So, how did they not know?

Also, is it a broken bone as I’ve read or much worse?

I reckon if it wasn’t that bad they would have signed him any ways.

At 20 and a full international he would be worth waiting a month or two for.

The fact that the deal is off makes me wonder if it isn’t a long-term thing.

Whatever it is it’s a great mystery to me how no one knew the player was hurt and let him go for the medical in the first place.

What happens next, whether he will stay at Ajax or move locally, is what I’m keen to see.


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