The challenge to get fans in the stands

Football has become an international commodity and true followers always seek to follow the best that the world has to offer. Football followers cannot be criticised for simply wanting to see the best, it is their prerogative. If local soccer is worth the support, the supporters do not need to be made to feel guilty to attend games. Poor displays drive away supporters, period!

Secondly, when local supporters stay away from attending PSL games, the management of local soccer should rather be asking themselves why this is the case instead of demanding support. It is a common sentiment amongst local soccer followers that our soccer has not really lived up to expectations considering the money that has been injected into it. It is not money but passion that establishes loyalty – there is little of that currently.

Since the AFCON glory more that a decade ago, our soccer has not really managed to deliver value to its followers. Questionable development structures, poor team management by seriously inept owners, seriously power hungry leadership at national level as well as neglect by government officials who would rather meddle with relatively better performing sporting codes.

Finally, it is about time that all Cape Town  sport lovers make an effort to start supporting local soccer during this critical time. Of course it would be a shame to see Ajax Cape Town having less support than its opposition from Mpumalanga – we need to back our team – but the leadership of Ajax needs to start reflecting deeply about what they are currently doing wrong and correct it.

Fans deserve quality soccer, at this point we are simply not getting it, and that in my opinion is the reason why many would rather channel their affection to teams like Man United and Barcelona that consistently provide a reason for people to support.

When the soccer product is worth buying, it will attract more people!

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