​Lesley de Vos shares his views on the Ajax, Chiefs fixture Merry Go Round situation

​Lesley de Vos directed this message to Ultra South Africa 2017 – Cape Town, Cape Town Radio Stations and the City of Cape Town

Its amazing how thousands can support an event that has no positive influence or direct investment into their communities, but they cannot support their local sports teams like Ajax Cape Town , a team born in Cape Town, a team that has given given so many Cape Flats teens a new lease on life, uplifting them and their families alike, not just financially.

The ripple effect is felt in the houses of their neighbours and the greater community, giving hope and allowing children to dream again.

17 years since it’s inception, Ajax Cape Town has continued to inspire and spends millions on an annual basis in various projects accross the Western Cape, reaching out to thousands of children from impoverished communities and putting smiles on the faces of the less fortunate, even if just for a day.

Saturday 25 February 2016 marks the date that Ajax Cape Town was to take on the Glamour boys in Kaizer Chiefs at Ajax’s homeground, Cape Town Stadium, but as always, MONEY TALKS!

So much so, that our dear Aunty Patricia “Patsy”  De Lille and Madam Helen ‘Dance for Votes’ Zille do not see the benefit of having friends an Families enjoy the beautiful game of football in our 2010 WORLD CUP STADIUM more important than the ULTRA MUSIC event, where thousands of old and young will stomp away the luscious pitch as they dance away millions of rands in BOOZE AND OTHER ILLEGAL SUBSTANCES, then drive home……..

How does the community benefit from this madness?

How does CAPE TOWN benefit from this?

Ia thia not contradictory to Aunty Patsy’s multi-million rand Anti-BOOZE AND DRUGS pre-Elections marketing campaign?

If we are not to enjoy Caoe Town stadium any longer….Where is the rest of the millions put aside for the completion of ATHLONE STADIUM pre WC2010?

Answer this question and then PAY BACK THE MONEY so we can finish it ourselves, move back over the railway lines and enjoy football in OUR BACKYARD even if it is CRIME-RIDDEN, DRUG-INFESTED, 60 LEARNERS-IN-A-CLASS-AT and OVER-CROWDED DAY-HOSPITALS(VETS) WITH 1 OVERWORKED DOCTOR FOR EVERY 500 DYING CITIZENZ.

At least there, there we will feel wanted and appreciated!….and not lied to and abused for votes when it matters.

Last but not least…I would like to thank all the Radio jocks from the same neighbourhoods ….who do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO BOOST LOCAL FOOTBALL, except for when the BIG JOZI TEAMS are in town.

This incudes # Goodhopefm, KFM, Heartfm and SMILE!

I bet you dont know half the  Ajax CT nor the CTCfc team players.






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