​Brandon shows true warrior spirit

On a night when home ground should’ve counted, a night when history shows us that we should’ve won this encounter and a night where 3 points was sorely needed not only for confidence but to get off the bottom of the log and stop an ongoing downward spiral which started at the beginning of the second half of last season.

Many journalist, football enthusiasts and gentlemen of the game have called for cool heads and that fans should back the management and team but enough is enough. 

May I remind you all that football is nothing without fans. We need football as much as football needs us the fans. 

Ajax Cape Town seemingly got the team selection right last night and played football which we the fans were accustomed to. The final third and being clinical infront of goals is still that major difference between winning and losing.

Second half came along and automatically we went into defensive mode and old habits of defending a lead kicked in , this for a team who has been leaking silly goals through lapses of concentration. 

Wits were more clinical and got two second half goals to settle the tie at 2-1 , possibly not a fair reflection on the game as a whole but its definitely the goals that count. 

Game ended, players looked dejected, Roger left frustrated yet again and a moaning bunch of Ajax Cape Town fans angry at yet another loss. 

Not a single Ajax Cape Town player came over and showed their appreciation after the game as they usually do BUT wait…. Out stepped the forever humble and talented Brandon Petersen.

He made his way to the fans to greet and wish them well and offered words of encouragement to keep on supporting. Now this right here ladies and gents is true warrior spirit . A 22 year old home grown lad who knows exactly what it means to the fans. 

To Ari, Roger, Travis and the rest of the players, this is how you do it in times of adversity. 

Brandon Petersen we salute you Warrior.  We hear and see your efforts, it does not go unnoticed.


By Marlon Moses

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