Match Day Fan Interview with Rowena: Ajax vs Wits

​This morning I had a chat with Rowena regarding tonight’s fixture between Ajax Cape Town and Bidvest Wits.  

Rowena lives in Walmer Estate ,married and has a  daughter who also loves Ajax Cape Town. The fact is that her entire infact family loves the club.
She started supporting the club from day one but was a couch supporter till her husband, father and uncles were in the bus accident in 2008 with the Telkom semi final since then she decided to go with them to the stadium.

Lance: What do you think is going wrong at Ikamva at this point in time?

Rowena : I wish I could be a fly on the wall to know exactly whats happening but personally I feel their is division and unhappiness in the camp. I think it is a big part for the bad run we are experiencing.

Lance : Many AjaxCTfans have lots to say about Roger De Sa, what does he need to do to turn things around?

Rowena : Firstly, he can stop playing his favourites.Secondly he can start planning his games because it’s clear as daylight he got no game plan. Thirdlyhis tactics suck he should bring the Ajax way of play back nd stop with his high/long ball game.

I can go on and on but won’t go there …if he can’t do this he should just do the honorable thing and step down before he take our team down to NFD…

Lance : What’s your score prediction for tonight’s fixture against Wits?

Rowena :I am hoping for a win but will be realistic and say draw 1-1 against Wits.

Lance : Any words of encouragement to our team

Rowena : I want to wish them all the best and just remember guys why you doing this besides being a career but because you Love it so go out there on that field tonight and don’t feel pressured just enjoy the game and enjoy every moment you on that field and shine like the stars you are and we as supporters know… 

Lance : Thanks for your time Wena, see you later in Block 116.



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