AjaxCTfans calling for Roger’s head

AjaxCTfans are concerned that Roger De Sa has shown all his cards and cannot improve the Urban Warriors squad as the coach.  Checked out what the Fans had to say:

Mark Calvert : If I must look at the history of this club and the coaches we’ve had – No coach has ever resigned peacefully or the bosses fired a coach without pressure from the fans – I will use Gordon Ingesund as an example of forced removal and to our most recent removal of a coach I will refer to Martin Steklenburg –

Both times the supporters hands were forced – Both times we were patient because we have the clubs best interest at heart.

With Roger I feel he can no longer add any value to this squad or club – His long ball game robs our academy of an opportunity to show case their skills – It robs our lities in the accademy from the beautiful ball play they have been accustomed to from under 13 – and when i say the best academy in the country its no exaggeration or bias towards our beloved Ajax as it was showcased the weekend when our Juniors made a clean sweep winning all the finals from under 13 –

Before we fill taxi’s to go to iKamva and burn tyres –

I would like to know from supporters – what other suggestions are there – One suggested we call a meeting with Roger and let him explain to us what his game plan is – another suggested we put together a email and send it to our bosses copy Roger in –

I personally dont feel I want to talk or write a email to Roger – I have my tyre!!!!

Leroy Macleod: Roger Should model for Robert Daniel, his long ball tactics was used up for the mtn Final.

Caleb Mohammed: I remember watching Ajax Cape Town play under the legendary Foppe De Haan. There was a uniqueness around the squad, an aura, if you may. The most beautiful display of “carpet” football watched, marvelled, and feared by oppositions.

Our most notable performance of that particular season was a 3 – 0 victory over eventual league winners, Orlando Pirates. We were deemed “The Dark Horses”. Some even dubbed us the “Arsenal” of South African Football as we continued to “wow” fans with our direct “diamond shaped” formation with the trio of Billiat, Maluleka and Doutie up front, with the evergreen Brent Carelse tucked in right behind them. Sure, we missed on the league on the final day of the season. I remember how devastated it left me. Moving on…

Five years later…

Over the course of time, Ajax’s business minded “Powers that be” continued to sell off our best, and not quite adequately replace them with suitable replacements. Frustrating for an Ajax fan. Right?

Moreover, the club, year in – year out, promotes extremely talented youngsters. Many of them do not even make it to the first team or are simply ignored completely.

In the last 5 years, I’ve seen coaches come and go. The likes of Moegsien Ertugral, who betrayed my beloved badge, twice I might add, Jan Pruijn, Stekelenberg, Versleijen, Ian Taylor, and now Roger De Sa. These footballing tacticians have never been able to replicate the form, hunger, desire for the ball that once thrilled crowds, of the great Coach De Haan.

Perhaps I’m a bit too nostalgic.

Present day. Yes, De Sa delivered us our first silverware in years. Took us to 2 finals in the space of three months.

However, emerging statistics of our great club, has hampered progress.

Ajax are no longer playing possession football. Ajax are no longer playing with vigorous passion. Times have changed. Ajax are in need of change. To pursue change, we need to cut the head of the snake to get to the heart.

Our youth displays a brand of football that our seniors lack at. Where are our seniors going wrong? Our players are as much to blame as our coach. Although they are the executors on the field of play, the tactician makes ultimate decisions on final team selection, formations etc.

If this club desires change, progress, Roger needs to step aside.

PS – I wear my heart on my sleeve I would have accepted a 3 – 0 loss from anyone above a 1 – 0 loss to our noisy neighbours. I absolutely hate that CTCFC trash. Our loss to that filth broke my heart.

Ajax, for progress, make the correct decisions –


Rant over.

Clive Adams: A few months ago it was #KINGROGER after taking us to the Nedbank finals and winning the MTN8….. Yes the longball tactic does not work for us but lets be honest…. When last could we say that our captain had a good game….. Bantu is overrated and falls on his GAT on every possible occasion…… So if we wanna be critical about our coach, lets be critical on every team member of Ajax…. I feel da pain after losing matches we should be winning but will SACKING Roger really solve our problems…..

Jason Christian: RogerMustGo

Ezra October:Roger is full of excuses everytime he tries to explain his teams inadequacy the players is either to young no experience come on get a life why is a player even considered to play proffessional soccer if he is not equipped to play.

Conrad Ludski :Clive Adams it won’t solve our problems but it will be a good step in the right direction.

Ezre’ Amon: To think wen we go to the bayhill every year we are feared. One level or two up then we let the polokwane and maritzburgs look like world class against us.the opposing coach’s game plan is simple.put pressure on Paulse wen he goes up then make sure ur DM picks up the 2nd ball coz sad to say Paulse can’t hold up and play wide, it’s always backwards


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