Cape Town must honour Lolo this season

Shooz Mekuto has appealed to AjaxCTfans and the City of Cape Town to fill Cape Town Stadium on fill the Stadium this season, especially Block 116, in order to honour their fallen hero Sonwabile Cecil Lolo.

“We make an appeal to our fans to fill the stadium. But it should be all the games that we play at the stadium,” said Mekuto.

He said the team was focusing on three areas this season and one of those areas is #WEAREAJAXCT.

“This is purely focusing on uniting the Ajax family, bringing all those who love the team together in unity of one dream,” said Mekuto.

“The second area is the Red Block 116 and season ticket-holders. This is to drive the numbers to the Block 116 area as season ticket-holders with the intention of officially naming the Block after our fallen hero Cecil Lolo.

“Season ticket-holders will lead the line in remembering the efforts made by Lolo in the name of Ajax Cape Town. So, it is fitting that we intend to keep galvanising support for Block 116. We are doing it in the name of Lolo, because we know that’s what he would have wanted,” added Mekuto.

Mekuto said the third area the club are focusing on is broadening their database. Registered Ajax fans will be able to enjoy a host of benefits that are associated with the membership in partnership with Lyoness Card.

“The card and membership is free, all our supporters need to is to get hold of the card to enjoy the many benefits that come with it,” said Mekuto.

Shooz you have our support 10000% and when you call us we be ready to help because #WeAreAjax 

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