The Grand Stand View

If ever Ajax Cape Town were in need of one of their on-song seasons where it comes together more than it falls apart, it’s now; the club look in danger of wasting their perfect opportunity to build upon the great foundation laid by their prolific youth academy over the past few years. Roger De Sá has had to somewhat reinvent himself as a coach at Ajax, his more defensive approach and propensity to bank on established professionals has had to take a back seat to the Ajax ideology of playing attacking football with a team built on youth academy graduates. Therein may lie the rub, the team and their coach have been in a transitional phase for the past two seasons, it’s now time for the puzzle to come together, as they seek to notch more than the 9 wins they recorded last season.

A lack of consistency on both ends of the field led to the team drawing far too many games that they could and should have won, the lack of elite level experience in the team can only attribute for but so much of the blame for the lack of reliability in the standard of performances. One needs to only look at the make-up of the 2016/17 season squad to realise that the management team has addressed the lack of genuine quality players to supplement their potential laden youngsters, and help catapult them onto the next level. Even a good start by the Urban Warriors will be looked at with due caution, and justifiably so, after winning the MTN8 at the start of last season, they went off the boil and failed to live up to the previous season’s hype, where they finished 5th and showed signs of having what it takes to compete with the big dogs.
Predicted Finish: 7th

Written By Mallele Chidi PeTje


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