“Football is nothing without fans” is what I say

“Football is nothing without fans”  I say and many AjaxCTfans will agree we me. Football fans are the most loyal customer in the world. They follow their team through the good bad times.

. Fans buy tickets to go to the games, buy merchandise and more. Football fans can join together to make big influences, such as the board of directors to change something. Such as, if they are not happy with the manager – and want him sacked. Boy-coat matches in protest to high ticket prices etc. Yes football fans can have a big influence on their football club. “ Football is nothing without fans ” is a true statement.
So, how would a football club operate as a business without fans? Sponsors? Who would sponsor a club with no fans?
For Ajax Cape Town to survive and operate as a business, they must have fans and should be kept happy. To have a successful Football Club/ Business requires a mixture of various aspects.

I’m going to talk about one concept “What helps teams succeed “ ? The team must be successful on the pitch. The team has to work well, the manager “Roger  ” has to have good relationships with the players. To get the best out of the team, they need developed to improve. Guiding the team to the performing stage.

Team spirit is important to help a team succeed – this can be done by players getting to know each other, having the same objectives. Team gelling takes time and doesn’t happen overnight. It’s also important to reward players if the team wins for example, they receive a bonus on top of their salary.

Football is a result driven business, some clubs are happy to win one nil, get three points and the fans are happy. Such as  Ajax Cape Town this season, the AjaxCTfans would be happy to win every game one nil and in the top eight.

However some fans would want to see a brand of entertaining football, but lose every game and get relegated to the NFD?  ……I think not.

As long as the team gets winning results the fans go home happy. Fans that are satisfied will keep going to the games supporting their team, buy merchandise  resulting in more income for the club.

The manager needs the financial backing to sign players that will add to the team and continue to reward the players who perform well by giving them a wage rise or a long-term contract for example.

A successful team is as important as the fans are. The team can play well , win matches and attract the fans to come and watch. In a business sense a successful team can attract the attention of well-known brands to sponsor the team. This then gives the business a great cash injection.

In closing, #WeAreAjaxCT and the club needs us as much as we need them.


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