​Ajax Cape Town Supporters Day

By Marlon Moses

The sun ☀ came out, the fun and activities played their part but did the Ajax Cape Town supporters really do their bit by attending is the pertinent question.
A day that started with the first team training, an opportunity for those who don’t frequent Ikamva to see their star players train.

Throughout the day there were various football matches including Ajax Cape Town’s very own u12 team who beat Vasco, a girls match,online and supporters match against Ajax staff and media.

Loads of prizes were dished out by sponsors with the main prize ( Huawei P9) being won by Jerome Muller.

The fun filled day ended with a meet and greet session with the first team squad who were also on hand to sign posters and T-shirts.

It was an average turnout by supporters in my opinion. The big question remains, is this a true reflection of our supporter base and what’s expected at the beginning of the season at our beloved Cape Town Stadium? One can only wait and see.

What in your opinion is the reason for the average attendance of the Supporters Day?


One thought on “​Ajax Cape Town Supporters Day

  1. As part of Ajaxcapetown G.C I thinking it was a good Initiative for all Ajaxct fans to spend the rest of the day interacting each other before the season resumes …it WS not only abt the love of the team but the supporters as a whole …

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