Petersen ready for February competition

​In the news Brandon Petersen accepted that he will have a tough job on his hands in keeping Jody February out of the starting line-up this coming season.

The 21-year-old Petersen has been Jaakkolla’s understudy for the last few years, but has only recently returned from a season-long injury and February has been setting the National u23 stage alight with stellar performances.

He had certainly been ahead of February in the pecking order until the latter’s superb performances for the South African Under-23 side last year propelled him into the limelight.

“Jody and I have always provided good competition for each other during our junior years and it will be no different now,” Petersen told the Star.

“I’m looking forward to battling with Jody for the number one jersey. Obviously, both of us know that only one of us can play, but we will continue to support each other to be the best.

“So, it doesn’t matter which of us the coach picks, we know that it will be the right decision at the time. After that, it’s a matter of working hard and pushing the other,” he added.

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