AjaxCTfans positive meeting with Shooz

​by Lesley de Vos

WHAT A GREAT 1ST MEETING WITH Shooz Mekuto and our CEO Ari tonight.

Most of the issues/points/concerns and more other important questions were raised, answered and discussed in a very relaxed atmosphere and what felt like a Family having a conversation around the dinner-table.

Thank you Ari and Ajax Cape Town Management for showing the AjaxCTFans the needs and concerns previously expressed as important. We know Ikamva was not built in a day, nor was Cape Town STADIUM, and 17 years later we are standing stroganoff and proud to be associated with THE ONLY Football club in South Africa that really cares and bout the YOUTH and FUTURE OF OUR FOOTBALL!

# NoYouthNoFuture

We certainly look forward to the #AJAXCT OPEN DAY on 20 August 2016 @ IKAMVA! #AjaxFamily

#AjaxOrNothing #OurSeason #JouDingMoetPyn

Next meeting set for the 27 August 2016, see you there.

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