Get to know Travis

​Were you nervous making your debut against The Birds at the age of 19?

No, not really. People kept telling me not to be nervous, don’t be nervous, but I never really felt the nerves at any stage. I think I kept my composure well and it was a great experience. It is a good start to the season for me and I hope to continue.

What would you say is your best position and who is your role-model?

I am a defensive midfielder and I have learnt a lot from Granwald Scott, my club captain. I have tried to model my game on his because he is such a consistent performer and does the basics brilliantly. In world football, I think Xavi from Barcelona is a brilliant player. He hardly ever has a bad game.

How long have you been at Ajax?

I started out in the Under-11 side, so I have been here 10 years now. I have come through all the age-groups and I know the culture of the club and what is expected. Having had that schooling in the ‘Ajax way’ has certainly helped me in the first team because nothing really changes all the way through. Preparation is the same, the team plays basically the same way. It has been a big help for me.

Which European League do you think would best suit your style?

Well, I have been to Holland a lot over the last few years and  I know that the football there would suit me. But other than that, I think Spain. I would love to play in Spain.

Do you come from a footballing family?

My father played in the local leagues in Cape Town, he was a striker, while both my grandfathers played as well, but none professionally.

Player Profile 

Date of birth :8 May 1993

Playing position :Midfielder

Height :1.78 m 

Number :6

Youth career :Devonshire Rovers AFC

Contract ends :30 June 2017 

Market value : 350 thousand Euro’s

Hobbies : A very talented DJ. ( DJ Travito)  

Other Talents :Magician (not many may know this) 

Nicknames :Travito ; Xavi ; Slumdog millionaire 

Personality :Many may see Travis Graham as a leader and someone who is serious but he is a real funny guy and a joker who is very religious. 

Closest Friend : Keagan Keagz Dolly ( inseparable twins ) 

Favorite SA footballer : Sibusiso Vilakazi 

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