Nathan speaks on eNCA

Yesterday Nathan Paulse shared some of his insight on the local game with eNCA.

The Athlone born footballer joined Ajax Cape Town at just 17; after training with the Ajax Academy for a few months and was spotted by then head coach, Henk Bodewes.
Paulse who has enjoyed his time as a footballer said, “I think this last four or five years, especially since I’ve come back from overseas it’s been, I would say a lot more technical. There aren’t that many hard guys in the league anymore and obviously because I’m a bit more experienced and older and I feel I learnt from that old school way and I have a bit of new school.”

The state of football in the country and that of the national team is of concern to Paulse.

He said, “I think South African football on a whole needs to be less arrogant about who we are and where we are in our identity.”

Paulse has hinted at hanging up his boots following this season’s Absa Premiership.

Ajax coach Roger de Sa has high praise for the striker, remarking, “Nathan Paulse has been fantastic in my time here, he certainly leads by example. He’s a great professional.”

He described the role his family played in his career, “My dad and my mom and my family have played a vital role. My dad especially, he was the one that I actually credit my passion for this game because he took me to the field from the age of five. He wasn’t a dad that put me under pressure to be the star player. He just showed interest and love in me.”

Paulse says his work in football is far from done and is interested in inspiring and empowering children.

The veteran says he feels more should be done by former players to plough back into the sport.

Paulse said, “For so many years people complain about the level of South African football and what happens behind the scenes but I think us as players we have to become much more involved and I want to be involved in that and be a voice as well for a change in this country.”

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