The Offside Line -A CALL TO WAR! -Blog Post #1

By: Nicholas Page-Philander

The year is 2016, the Cape Town camp of the Ajax army has become the home of weary and divided warriors. On the back of a fairly disappointing campaign in the Premier Soccer League of South Africa where we were crowned as the 2015/16 MTN 8 winners but ended up at an embarrassing 10th log position.

An attack has been made on our home turf in a battle for the bragging rights as top Cape Town football club. A clarion call has been made by supporters for the Urban Warriors to take up arms, strap up their boots and fight for our honour as the top Cape Town outfit.

Our warriors are battle harden and have encountered combats on the home front on more than one occasion and came out victorious. We saw off the constant onslaught from the Greek Gods and banished Hellenic to extinction in 2004, we sent the intruders back packing as soon as Vasco da Gama landed on our not-so-friendly sores in 2011, constant attacks was made on the capital by the peasants from the south until Santos was relegated to the underworld in 2012 and finally Cape Town proved to be too hot for the Chilli Boys who got relegated and on their return to the PSL saw Chippa United not only move out of the city, but to a different province.

The battle lines once again have been drawn with the emergence of the imposters, the Cape Town Wannabe’s known as Cape Town City FC. Unlike aforesaid battles this one is personal. This is not just a battle for the city, or between two teams, but a battle between managers and CEO’s alike. Our CEO is trapped in a battle to protect the pride and honour of not just his family name, his camp (Ajax Cape Town) and the followers, sympathisers, but most importantly the loyal supporters of the team. 

Those individuals who wished and express their interest of no longer being Urban Warriors was sold off like paid mercenaries as they wished to become soldiers of fortune. We have seen brothers and sisters deserting their posts and betraying our mission to join the CTC FC rebellion. They have proved themselves to be untrustworthy and will not be missed.

It is further important to state that this battle will not be like the others. Our war veterans are older, slower, some have departed from the club (and will always be honoured for their sacrifices Scott & Cale) and the true warrior Soldier 21 has moved to his eternal home in Valhalla (long live the memory of Cecil Lolo).

The CEO heed to the call of supporters to bring back the beloved P.R.O known to all as simply Shooz. This is a clarion call to all warriors to take up arms and recruit new members. This call is not for the faint hearted or for those seeking 2 seconds of fame on the television, but for those who are ready to go to war and fight for the right to not only be known as the top club in the fairest city, but the top institute of football in the country. Join me to unite the city under the blood red banner of Ajax Cape Town. Let us rally the troops and march to war and welcome the imposters to the Blood Bath known as Cape Town stadium.

Those who are not with us are against us. We have the youth and experience on our side therefore our future will for always be prosperous…  let us march on and fight on long reign Ajax Cape Town… Ahoo!


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