AjaxCTfan interview with Wayne Philander

I am excited to share my interview with a FANtastic AjaxCTfan
Wayne Philander, married and has two kids is originally from Kensington. He lived in East London for twelve years and moved back to Cape Town a year ago. East London had many good memories for this Warrior as it was the Town he met his wife.

Lance : Where did your love affair with Ajax Cape Town start?
Wayne : It all started when I played soccer in the Kensington area where a close family friend at that time Shaun Bartlett played for Kensington Afc and was promoted to Cape Town Spurs. Then the amalgamated of Ajax Cape Town came along. I also started to develope a passion for the club . I moved to East London for a couple years and in 2008 Ajax Cape Town came to East London and played Free State Stars where we won them and that made me more passionate because in East London we don’t get PSL matches and PSL teams coming to East London. Ajax Cape Town coming was something big for me . To top it all off a very good friend and role model Granville Scott who grew I up with was part of the team. That was the confirmation that Ajax Cape Town is the right club I supported. Cape Town needs an Club that invest in our youngster, no matter race or background and thats the type of values I look in entities I support. My values add up to their values, No Youth No Future. Ajax is a Entity where futures are groomed. I just love the University of the PSL Ajax Cape Town.


Lance: Who is your all time favourite Ajax Cape Town players?
Wayne : (Laughing) I was hoping you will not ask me this because each and every player that played or is playing have played an significant role on and off the field. If I must put a name to the question, it would obviously be Granville Scott. I know where he comes from and did not let circumstances hold him back. When I drive past our local soccer field he is there assisting in training at Kensington AFC. He has been serving Ajax Cape Town for almost ten seasons and he’s crazy about his club.

Lance : What are your thoughts on Dolly leaving the Club.
Wayne : Dolly leaving is very very sad. It definitely will have an effect but with RDS incharge he will have a backup plan and we have alot of other quality players who can fill that gap and our club can tackle any situation.

Lance : Who was your star performer this season?
Wayne : (Laughing ) No man, the team has performed very well but Mobara stood out for me, coming back to defence, I must admit I was skeptical but he proved me wrong and fitting in perfectly in as a defender.

Lance : What’s your thoughts on coach Rodger?
Wayne : RDS is a very good coach and I believe he can take us to the title. If he stays long enough at the club he will make a huge impact. He should give one or two players at Ajax a chance to add value to the squad just my opinion.
Lance : Quick 1-2 Athlone or Cape Town Stadium
Wayne : Cape Town Stadium

Lance :  Kaizer Chiefs or Orlando Pirates
Wayne : Ok Chiefs

Lance : What do you think of ajaxctfans?
Wayne : It’s a very good platform for fans and there’s also room for improvement but it is brilliant. I wish that Ajax Cape Town could look at it regularly and bag tips from our different views to see where the club can improve.


Ajax CT is a family; win or loose, Good or not so good you never part with Family we just grow as a Family.

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