Ari listened to the AjaxCTfans

A few weeks back AjaxCTfans were invited to meet with the CEO of Ajax Cape Town.

Many things was mentioned but the key to start true fan engagement was a request that Ajax Cape Town appoint a PRO to connect the fans with the club which was seen as a major issue.

Ari said that he will look into the matter and this is what he done as today this announcement was add at Ikamva today.

Ajax Cape Town is pleased to announce the reappointment of Shooz Mekuto as the club’s “Supporter Liason Officer”.

Mekuto: “I am thrilled to come back home. It has been a long while but home is where the heart is.”

This is a welcomed appointment as we know Shooz well as he returns for a second spell at the Urban Warriors.

Thank you Ari for listening to us, we appreciate your commitment to the AjaxCTfans.


5 thoughts on “Ari listened to the AjaxCTfans

  1. Positive move by bringing back Shooz. Just what the Ajax Cape Town fans need after all the negative reporting in the media.


  2. Thank you Ari.

    We appreciate this POSITIVE MOVE and feel respected contrady to UNpopular belief …..that the Club Managemwnt does not give a damn.

    We are delighted to welcome Shooz back home at Ikamva.

    We look forward to further engagements between us as the AjaxCTFans and the Club Management of our beloved Ajax Cape Town.

    We have never backed down from a fifht and fear no1….especially no LOUD-MOUTHED-BLUE&YELLOW-BUTTERFLIES!



  3. Welcome back Shooz
    Good to have such a wonderful man back at the club. Good start Ari. Now back it up with some decent signings to bolster our weakened team. You’re still on probation with the fans.


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