The Mobara Saga take a turn

After I shared my disappointment of Mobara’s strong words about our beloved Ajax Cape Town. The player has said that he never said those things.

His agent also confirmed that Mobara has not signed on the dotted line.

“Bara had no knowledge of the deal before he read about it on the internet and he has signed no contract. Ajax only told him about it the day after it appeared in the media. You cannot have a transfer without a player contract‚” said Lance Davids‚ the former Bafana international now acting as Mobara’s manager.

“We have not had any contact with Pirates about the player’s contract‚ no one has called us.”

It has also now surfaced that Sundowns are also interested in bring Mobara to Pretoria. Only time will tell where Mobara will end up in the new season.

Apologies to Mobara for my unkind words yesterday. As I was heart broken when the disrespectful post in the Sunday Times was posted.

“There should be more clarity in the next days. My aim is to ensure I get the best possible deal for the player and that he is happy‚” added Davids



3 thoughts on “The Mobara Saga take a turn

  1. Mobara has potential to be a Billiat and sweep everything before him. With the right coach and mentor he can be the next best thing in the PSL

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  2. I was so shocked and dissapointed in Mobara being quoted as saying the “lies” written by the vultures.

    I mean….How could and why would a darling son of the Mother City and “NoYouthNoFuture Star of ‘Ikamva’ even utter such untruth and hatred?

    Well…..I to was delighted to learn of the truth late last night.

    I will pray for those who failed in trying to dampen the bright light omitted by Mr. Mobara’s #RisingStar.

    We will miss you and you will always be in our prayers. #Godbless #LoveThyHaters #OneOne6 #AjaxCTFans #ahoo #AM18


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