How Mobara broke my heart

After reading the Bombshell Abbubaker Mobara dropped in the Cape Times interview, I was very upset with his statements.

I don’t support a player because they come and go. I don’t support a owner because they come and go. I support a brand aka Ajax Cape Town.

I get very irritated by players that bash their previous clubs. It is more painful when a player like Abbubaker Mobara does this. He was taken through a powerful youth system and coached by the best football minds in Cape Town. Teaching him focus and control, on and off the field and taking him off the streets and away from Gangsterism in Woodlands.

Abbubaker Mobara travelled abroad with “Young Ajax” playing in top European Youth Tournaments and was invited to trail with our mother club Ajax Amsterdam.

Abbubaker Mobara is yet to display his full potential as he will be part of the South African Olympic team in Rio which could elevate him to another level.

The fact that he was not consulted about his transfer to Pirates is not new in World Football but the norm. First the buying club approaches the selling club who then gives permission to the buying club to approach the player if the club selling clubs agree to the terms. What is wrong with that, because this give the player the opportunity decide if he wants to move or not. Once the player agrees on the salary term can the transfer take place. Does he not have a good agent to guide him in this regard.

Mobara has killed any chance that he could return to the club if his career does not pan out in the future. 

Ajax Cape Town developed his talent and moulded him.  I am very disappointed by Mobaras comments in the Cape Times about the Club that give him a opportunity of a lifetime.


Click here to read the story in the Sunday Times that spark the article

2 thoughts on “How Mobara broke my heart

  1. Shocking. He obviously doesn’t know what happened to Doutie when he badmouthed the club. Nobody is bigger than the club.


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