Fan Interview with Jamie

I had a opportunity to chat with AjaxCTfan, Jaime Lee Peters from Kuils River and is absolutely in love with diski .

She says : I am fortunate in having both my parents Reginald & Norma Peters. I am the youngest of two children, my brother,Tyler is my inspiration in my football development.

Jaime supports Ajax Cape Town, because she strongly sees the need in supporting local football to develop the game in Cape Town.
She has been supporting Ajax for the past 3 season. Although she has not been to every home match played, she could hold her own and defend Ajax Cape Town in a conversation. I support Ajax to enjoy and celebrate local football on the same level as the english league.

Lance : Who is your favourite Ajax Cape Town player?
Jaime : ABBUBAKER MOBARA (She shouts out, Smiling) Simply because I see him as an anchor in the midfield, and he has the ability to read the game expetionally well. He shows great leadership in both the midfield as well as a captain and I have experience this in the Metropolitan Premier Cup 2013 (bayhill) tournament.

Lance : Noah Sadaoui or Travis Graham
Jamie : Travis Graham

Lance : Has coach Roger De Sa impressed you this season?
Jaime : Yes definitely…. Last season Ajax under performed, you could see that there was a lot more changes since coach Roger Da Sa joined. Very few points were dropped in the beginning of the season and the coaching staff as well as the players are bringing their part. There have also been huge changes made, which definitely contributes in a positive way.

Lance : Big Mac or Zinger Burger
Jamie : Zinger Burger, I like them strong foods.

Lance : What has been your favourite match this season?
Jaime : Definitely the match against Black Aces, the game was entertaining and I like the style of football Ajax have has adapted to under coach Roger Da Sa. The score ended up in 3-0 win for Ajax Cape Town.

Lance : If you could invite any 3 players over for supper who would you invite and what would you make ? I take it Mobara would be selected first (laughing)
Jaime : Absolutely! Abubbaker Mobara; Ziyaad Eksteen and Ayabulela Magqwaka. I’ll keep it local, a braai and salads. ‘Local is Lekker’

Lance : Nice so who will have to stand at the fire going the actual braaing?
Jaime : The gents of cause. Ek span sommer vir hulle in.

Lance : Drake or Chris Brown?
Jaime : Chris Brown

Lance : What can the club do to attract more people to the Stadium?
Jaime : I totally disagree with ‘freebies’ and really enjoyed the ‘Ajax Supporters Day’ . It showed me the importance to actually have physical contact with people coming from different surroundings and cultures.
So I suggest we have more Supporters Days , it will draw more people to Ikamva and then from there they will actually realise how important it is to actually interact with people, and damn extremely FUN people. And we’ll have more support at the stadiums.

Lance : Finally, what do you think of AjaxCTfans :-)?
Jaime : I love the vibe WE create at the stadiums, the atmosphere is totally FANtastic !!! I think we an absolutely great group who respects one’s opinion and self. We are also open to expand our fan base.

Lance : Thank you very much for your time.


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