AjaxCTfan Zuko Nelani shares his thoughts

Good Day Ajax Familia

As a supporter of this club I’m really concerned regarding the club, we are an excellent nuturing academy club.

You know my concern is this, we produce top talented youngsters from the acedemy, but what we do as a club we are to sell them.

How about its about time we keep our best players, we fight for them and don’t let them go so easily to other clubs. We cannot be bullied by other clubs, for we personally I’m feeling that Ajax does not have Ambition in winning titles.

I mean we can only do this by keeping our best produced players and not let them go so easily. I mean if I look back a few seasons, we almost won the league and only on that day Orlando Prirates snached the league right under our noses.

So if we want to compete against the best we neeed top keep our best players, not to let them go so easily.

I mean seriously these other clubs are making Ajax look weak, or isit about the money that talks.  Please Ajax Crew have a look at my suggestion and I can promise u and assure you we will go forward.

We will match the likes, of Chiefs, Pirates, Sundowns and etc.


I thank you.


5 thoughts on “AjaxCTfan Zuko Nelani shares his thoughts

  1. The day AjaxCT club policy changes, will be the day we start challenging for Titles! Right now Money talks with AjaxCT, Sad Reality.


  2. #Ahoo Zuko.

    I can feel the emotion in your words.
    ALL Warriors share your centiments and believe you me……It takes a strong heart to follow The #UrbanWarriors…….once MOST feared by even the SO-CALLED Big3!

    I dream of those days!…..and pray for a miracle!

    On the other hand, we….’TheFaithfull” MUST stand together and back #OurAjaxCT.

    We have a promising team stabalized by experience and electrified by the 7 #YoungWarriorChampions newly promoted!

    Let’s all BELIEVE!


    Keep the faith!
    For the love of #AjaxCT


  3. It’s in the DNA of our club to be selling the cream of our crop. This way other stars are born. I don’t like it but it is what it is.


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