Khayelitsha to the Cape Town Stadium

This week, we met with Sibongile Manga to give us a some background about the Khayelitsha branch.

The branch was formed in 2012, the  founders were Sibongile Manga together with Walter Ngwane.


Sibongile Manga always had this idea to start a supporters club, because he use to attend games alone and was also gunned by Sundowns, Chiefs, Pirates Supporters calling him names, saying “I’m supporting  a Coloureds team.”

Sibongile said “When I go to Malls around Khayelitsha I would see people wearing Ajax gear and as an Ajax supporter I would go and ask if they are actual fans of ajax, some would say no I used to play for their development team and some would say no , I just love the kit.”

“One morning I decided to go to the local Radio station (Radio Zibonele) , they have a Sport show every Saturday morning from 6-9am. I introduced myself and give away my cell number, I ask every Ajax Cape Town supporter around Khayelitsha to come out and join me to created a supporters Club.” Manga said.

Walter Ngwane joined Manga, and they worked very hard to start the Branch. They went to every location, every shopping centre , every Tavern every stadium around Khayelitsha and recruited many die hard Ajax Supporters who were as enthusiasm as they where did to start the Branch.

The idea was to put an end to the “THINKING” of that , the Ajax is for certain People, nor is it a club for only Cape Town born people.


They knew and believe Ajax Cape Town is for all who loves the club.

The Branch stands for equally, non discriminatory and we also have members outside Khayelitsha who are active in the Group.  The likes of Ashley Buyeye from Kraaifontain and Aaron Mdaka from Dunoon are members of the Branch.Including 50% of the executive members are Women.

Sibongile said ” we aiming to have as many members as possible ,to be traveling Branch to go to away matches”.

The current executive members are as follows!! Advocate Mkhululi Majova ( Chairman) , Thomas Zwai, Ashley Buyeye, Manga Sibongile, Luleka Mnyiphila, Neliswa Somhlahlo , Noxolo Kuta and Ntyatyi Nyumbana.

You can follow Manga on twitter  @Sibongilemang or follow the  the branch on Facebook  “Ajax Cape Town Supporter, Khayelitsha branch” for more information.


3 thoughts on “Khayelitsha to the Cape Town Stadium

  1. It’s good to have you back Mangalisto!


    Side by side we will show any current and future threats to our campaign exactly what it means to cross an #UrbanWarrior.



  2. Keep up the good work 🏢 manga my man 👨 I am glad to say I am one of your branch lets keep on recruiting more members


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