AjaxCTfans thanks Ari for Meeting.

Although the turn out was very low for a meeting where the fans had the opportunity to share their views it was a great success.

This meeting was the very first meeting Ari had with the supporters since he took over the helm at Ikamva.

Points raised was as follows:
-Club requires a PRO
-Fan engagement
-Fans Registration that adds value
-Supporters Cards
-Ticket Prices
-How the Club handled Lolos passing
-Players not performing on the pitch
Traveling to away matches
-The story about Vesi
-Why Bolo was released
-The upcoming Fan Fun Day
– Having the Coach and Captain at the next meeting
-Setting up a Calendar for quarterly meetings.

The AjaxCTfans have also committed there support for the club and welcome this type of engagement.

AjaxCTfans wondering why there are not more fans attending the meeting

5 thoughts on “AjaxCTfans thanks Ari for Meeting.

  1. This way we can share our views with the club without it going to the media. Much more constructive way of doing things.


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