Black Aces moving in on top of us at the Cape Town Stadium

John Comitis has informed the media that Ian Taylor and Calvin Marlin are set to assist Muhsin Ertugral at Aces.

Comitis has also said that he has been in contact with the city’s mayoral committee and he is confident they will play their home games at the Cape Town Stadium.

“If we are going to be Cape Town’s team we have to be in the heart of Cape Town’s facilities and that has got to be the Cape Town Stadium,” Comitis said on Metro FM .

“We were fortunate enough to meet with the mayoral committee of the city and there is definite enthusiasm. I think if we get that right that will be the first statement that we are here, we are Cape Town, we are Cape Town’s team and we would like to be supported.
“The Cape Town Stadium has quite a busy schedule, but I think we can be fitted and we have been told that would be the case.”

We must be reminded that Kaizer Chiefs would like to host fixtures at the Cape Town Stadium as well. So will we be relegated to Athlone Stadium this season?


7 thoughts on “Black Aces moving in on top of us at the Cape Town Stadium

  1. Fine cheek saying that they are Cape Town’s team. What are we then. The city must get their priorities straight. The last thing Cape Town football needs is for the 2 families to start their feud again. While we welcome another PSL team representing Cape Town we do not welcome family feuds


  2. I love the idea of another Cape Town team in the PSL means extra two home games for us but like Conrad says seems they wanna bring the family feud to the field nd that is so not cool ….I just hope and pray this don’t cause a fued/split amongst the Ajax supporters…


  3. Hi as a true follower of the Comitis Football Family i would like to thank John for this venture we as football supporters in Cape Town has always been put on the back seat so guys lets leave the family feud at home and out of football and support this venture.We always use to complain that Cape Town is never on the map for football so here it is support the Cape Town teams


  4. Dear Mr. Comitis.
    We love the work you put in with our beloved Ajax Cape Town ovet the years, and believe, we too felt the hurt of the chaos in the boardroom that led to your departure.

    So Yes, it was tough to walk away and sell put to Family…..but we vow to not allow you to even try to intimidate us in OUR TOWN!

    This is CAPE TOWN….HOME OF AJAX CAPE TOWN! #AjaxCT #UrbanWarriors.

    We welcome you and your #BlueCheese to the Mother City….but e are not bothered nor moved by your putrid little mind-games!

    We are Warriors! ..en ONS SKRIK VIR NIKS EN NIEMAND!

    You……You should worry!….#masekin
    want #DisNAjaxDing en


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