Fan interview with Jody February

Super Fan Wayne hooked up with Jody and shared his chat with us.

Wayne : Where did everything start for Jody February?
Jody: Everything started at Strandfontien AFC.

Wayne: What is the biggest challenge being a professional footballer?
Jody: Having patience in my opinion. As I didn’t play much it took a lot to keep my head.

Wayne: Do fans and journalist affect players with their comments now that most people have a voice on the various social media platforms?
Jody: Depends on the comment. Normally no but the odd comment will upset one or two.

Wayne: Who in football has been your biggest inspiration as well as outside of football?
Jody: I think it’s more out of football. Having a good set of parents behind you is everything so that helped me alot. Every Coach I worked with helped me very well.

Wayne : How does it feel getting such alot of support besides that of your beloved Ajax?
Jody : Overwhelming lol but it’s good my hard work is being seen and I appreciate each and every supporter.

Wayne: Do you feel you ready to be Ajax’s number 1?
Jody : If I get chosen to play ill definitely do my job.

Wayne: With every pro setting goals for himself what would be your two main goals for yourself Long term and sort term
Jody: Long term to play at the highest level. Short term right now is to stay in the 18 continue to work hard and hopefully play as much as I can.

Wayne : Is there anything you wanna say to the Fans.
Jody : Just not loose hope when we down. I know it was a tough season but we will bounce back. And thank you to everyone who supported us during this year we all appreciate it. We will make everyone proud next season.

Wayne: We Wanna thank you for your time and is wanna wish you a good rest and if you go to the Olympics everything of the best.

Keep on inspiring

Edwin van de Sar and Jody February

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